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    A beautiful environment to nurture and help children grow.

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    We are committed to providing the best quality care for each and every child.

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    Excellence in Early Childhood Education

    Committed to you and your family

    A Hills Family owned business. A community built on relationships with families and a trust that comes with the quality of our staff and educators.


    We support children in Belonging, Being and Becoming as outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework.


    We believe that as children participate in everyday life, they develop interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world.


    We endeavour to provide a stimulating and creative environment where children are encouraged to explore and develop a range of important skills.

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    Our Commitment to You

    High Quality Early Education

    Our Vision is to be the leading provider of children's education in the Hills District. Fern Gully is a place where children and their families can feel safe, secure and supported.


    Open communication is encouraged between educators and families. Parents are encouraged to become active participants of the centre. Each room has age appropriate goals that have been developed over time with input from educators, families, industry professionals and the children. Individual goals are based upon prior observations, interests, strengths and needs.


    We strive to provide a high-quality early education service, whilst maintaining a safe, secure and supportive environment where children can learn and grow.

  • What We Provide

    A little bit about what you can expect on day one.



    Fern Gully is a place where children and their families can feel safe, secure and supported. As families and educators build trusting relationships, children expand their sense of belonging from the family to include the Fern Gully community.

    Through the use of The Early Years Learning Framework, children's learning dispositions are supported as educators use interests, strengths, family and home culture to nurture curiosity, persistence, creativity and co-operation. These dispositions support all aspects of children's development. Young children have the right to play, relax and participate in a wide range of cultural activities. Children's learning is holistic and interrelated. No single skill develops in isolation. By creating a learning environment that supports and stimulates young children, educators demonstrate their high expectations and respect for diversity. The creation of meaningful documentation is an additional tool for children, families and educators to reflect on past learning experiences individually and as a community.

    We are committed to making and maintaining connections with the wider community. It is our aim that the team of educators should also reflect the richness of cultural diversity in the community. As staff commit to developing their own cultural competence, they are well positioned to work with children and families to explore the many diverse ways of living, learning and celebrating.

    Our goals for children include for them to feel a strong sense of belonging, to celebrate their current state of being and to look forward with enthusiasm to their future becoming. Because we believe that families are the most important people in a young child's life we will support them in practical and culturally appropriate ways. Our shared goals with families include developing each child's personality and abilities to their fullest. We will work together to encourage children to live respectfully and peacefully, advocate for their own rights and the human rights of others.



    Fern Gully Child Care Centre is located in a quiet, residential atmosphere surrounded by bushland, with the entire centre being air conditioned and heated. Trees and awnings are located in the grounds to protect the children from the summer sun.

    The Centre is separated into two rooms:

    - The Kookaburra Room 0-3 years (10 children per day)
    - The Echidna Room 3 years to school age (18 children per day)

    The main policies created for Fern Gully Child Care Centre regard Health and Safety, Anti Bias Curriculum, Behaviour Management, Child Protection, Nutrition, Programming, Centre Operational Conditions and Staff. A copy of these policies is kept in each room and also at the sign in/out desk for parents to read. If you have any questions - our educators are always happy to assist.

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